Collaborating within a Space


Why have collaborators in your Space?
Space collaborators have the ability to manage a Space on behalf of the owner. Having additional collaborators on a Space allows others to help manage your content and always keep it up to date.

Who can be added as a Collaborator?
Anyone in your company can be made a Space collaborator, even if they do not share the same team as the owner of the Space. Collaborators can also be removed from a Space at any time.


What privileges do collaborators have in a Space?

Space Owners can

  • Receive desktop notifications
  • Receive notification emails when someone visits a disabled Space
  • Sync Salesforce, IFTTT, and Zapier visitor data

Space Owners & Collaborators can

  • Add, remove, edit, reorder content
  • Edit the Space link settings
  • Edit the Space title, subtitle, and cover image
  • Add and remove collaborators
  • Delete the space
  • Receive notifications emails when someone visits a Space

What content can I add to a Collaborative Space?

  • Collaborators can add any content that the owner has access to. Content not shared with the owner will not be available to use in the Space.
  • Owners can add any content to a Space they have access to, even if the content is inaccessible to other collaborators.


Document privacy & visibility
Space collaborators can view all content within a Space, even if they do not have access to that content elsewhere in DocSend. Collaborators can see content titles, thumbnails, and preview the documents from the Space edit page.


Can Space Collaborators receive visit Notifications?
 the visits are owned by the owner of the Space, and Collaborators will not be able to see Space visits in their dashboard or on the document details page. However, they can see the visit in the Account or Contact page of your DocSend account.


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