Why isn't my Outlook Add-in appearing?

If you installed DocSend's Outlook Add-in and it isn't appearing in Outlook, make sure you are using a Microsoft Exchange protocol (rather than an Exchange Active Sync protocol for instance).

To check this, click File on the top left and look at your associated email address account:



If you don't see a Microsoft Exchange Account, go ahead and add a new account by clicking "Add Account" below your current email address:


A pop-up window will appear asking you to enter your name, your same email address, and same email address password. Go ahead and fill in those fields and press Next:


After adding your account, restart Outlook and go back to File and make sure the new account is selected.

Once that is checked, compose a new email and see if the DocSend Add-in is on the upper ribbon:


If you are still having trouble with the Outlook Add-in, please contact support@docsend.com.

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