Salesforce Activity Field Mapping


As an Enterprise Admin or Owner, you have the option to use DocSend's custom Salesforce Activity field mapping functionality, which allows you to run sophisticated Salesforce reports on content performance and utilization. Note that usage of this feature requires Salesforce Professional or higher.

Setting Up DocSend Activity Fields in Salesforce

Setting up your Salesforce activity fields will need to be done from your Salesforce Admin's account

Creating a new Custom Field

To map Activity Fields in Salesforce, go to your Salesforce Setup page and search for Activity Custom Fields.



Select "New" to create a new activity field. 


For mapping, you can add these 5 activity fields:

- Visit Duration (Data Type: Number fields)

- Percent Viewed (Data Type: Number fields)

- Document Name (Data Type: Text fields)

- Link Name (Data Type: Text fields)

- Full Stats Link (Data Type: Text fields)

Note: The Number fields "Length" must be 18 and for the Text fields the "Length" is 255. "Decimal Places" should be 0 as well.


When choosing your field-level security, select "Visible" for all.


For the last step, display your Activity within the Task Layout (always deselect the Event Layout because DocSend visits are based on Task objects, not Events).

Note: Even if you don't make the "Task Layout" field visible in the UI, you will still be able to create reports from those tasks.

Adding DocSend to a "Type" field in Salesforce

After adding your activity fields, you will need to add DocSend as a "Type" field in Salesforce. To do this, follow these steps:

1.) In Setup, search for "Task Fields"

2.) Select "Type" (the Data Type will be 'Picklist')

3.) Scroll down to "Task Type Picklist Values" and select "New"

4.) Type "DocSend visit" and then click "Save"

Setting Up Your Mappings in DocSend

Configuring your DocSend account's custom fields is a quick, one-time process. To setup your mappings, the DocSend Admin or Owner will need to head to their Connected Apps settings page and connect Salesforce.


Once connected, go to your Salesforce settings page (from the Company tab) and checkmark "Sync Visits" (so DocSend visits can sync with Salesforce).


After checking the boxes, click the first dropdown box on the left titled "Activity Field" and choose "Type" from the dropdown. Map this field by typing "DocSend visit" in the "Value".


After doing this, you will be able to map the custom fields you created earlier! You can do this from the "DocSend Field Mappings" section at the bottom.

After you map your custom fields, DocSend will start pushing visit data to the corresponding Salesforce account, as a completed Task within the Activity History. The generated activity after a received visit will look like this:

By mapping your Activity Fields, you will be able to run Salesforce reports that will help you better understand how your content is performing!

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