Integrating DocSend with Pipedrive through Zapier: Hooking DocSend Activity to Organizations

Propagating document engagement data into your CRM system allows you to stay on top of which prospects and accounts are active. DocSend has a native integration with Salesforce, but we also allow you to integrate with hundreds of different services using our Zapier integration.

Zapier is like the "glue" for the internet, it connects your apps seamlessly (including DocSend and Pipedrive). If you haven't used Zapier before, you can sign up for an account here and begin making Zaps!


Being able to document, report on and dive into who is engaging with your collateral through Pipedrive will help you stay organized and give you a better idea of who to follow up with and when. 

Here's what the "Zap" looks like for DocSend + Pipedrive to hook DocSend activity to a specific organization:

Step 1 is selecting the DocSend visit as a trigger and connecting your DocSend account. 

Step 2 is having Pipedrive do a lookup for the Organization affiliated to your visit by using the name of the DocSend account you named the link after.

Finally, you want to create an activity to tie to this account to note someone's visited your deck.

Here are the example fields we selected to fill out the information in our Pipedrive activity, these are completely customizable based on your needs!

Once you've completed your Zap, you'll start seeing activities generated for new Pipedrive visits and you can start following up accordingly! 




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