Link Creation

To share one of your DocSend documents, you need to create a link to send to your viewers. On the document's details page, click the +Add Link button:


Next, enter the name of the Account (company or organization) you are sending your material to:


By selecting Require email to view, every visitor will be asked to input their email address before accessing your content. Selecting this option will allow you to map all activity back to the specific identity of your document visitors. If the visitor's email address matches a social media profile (such as Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter), DocSend can pull that information in as well.

If you leave Require email to view deselected, your visitors will be able to access your material immediately. Instead of knowing the unique identity (and email address) of each of your visitors, you will only be shown the account, device, and location for each visitor.

To allow downloading of your document, select the Allow downloading checkbox.

There are additional Advanced options available that allow you to set an expiration date (when your link will expire and no longer be accessible) as well as require a passcode before viewers can access your document.


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