Your DocSend billing page

What is on the billing page?
The owner of an account has exclusive access to your DocSend 
billing page which shows:

  • Current plan type
  • Amount of seats (users)
  • Current billing date
  • Card on file
  • Cancel subscription option
  • Invoice billing info (Address/TaxID)
  • Payment history with emailed invoices

    : Check out our article on Team Roles to know more about team privileges 

When is my billing date?
Your billing date is the same day when you sign up. Adding or removing users will follow that date and will be prorated accordingly. Check out our article on how users are billed for more information.

Will my subscription auto renew? 
Yes, your subscription will automatically renew until you change or cancel your existing subscription. Here are the changes you can make to your account.

  1. Adjust your subscription to an annual or monthly plan
  2. Upgrade (or downgrade) to a different plan
  3. Cancel your existing plan at the end of the billing period

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, You can cancel your current plan anytime by going to your billing page. You'll continue to have access to your DocSend plan until the end of your subscription date. Your account will then automatically be set to the free trial with limited access. Check out our help center article on What are the limits of the free trial to know more.


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