Using Mail Merge Links with MailChimp


DocSend's Team and Enterprise plans come prebuilt with a number of different merge options, including a MailChimp integration. 

To create a Mail Merge Link for any of your documents, click on the "More" arrow on any document page and select the "Mail Merge Link" option.


From here, name the Campaign associated with your blast and select MailChimp as your email service of choice where you'll be using the link.


When you're done configuring your link options, click "Create Link". You can copy your link at any time from the All Links section at the bottom of your document.


After you've copied your link, paste it directly into MailChimp and it will substitute the email field parameter with the emails in your blast.  

We recommend creating a hyperlink in your email with your Mail Merge Link, that way the full link will remain hidden from your recipient. 

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