How to Live Present Documents

DocSend Live Present allows you to present any of your documents in real time. With Live Present, you can maintain control over your deck while you lead your viewer(s) through your content. The feature transmits your static documents, minimizing bandwidth usage, lag, and preserving clarity.

Live Present works by giving you a short, personalized URL that you can send out to your prospects.

You can set your Presentation URL in your Live Present Settings



To Live Present you can either select Present from the sidebar and choose a document:


Or you can begin presenting from any document's page:


In Live Present, you'll see all of your slides displayed on the left-hand side to make navigation simple. The number of viewers in your Live Present will be displayed in the upper right hand corner, as well as your Live Present controls. Here's how it will look to you:


And here's how it will look to your viewer:


Happy presenting!


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