Why are there some time discrepancies in notification emails?

After your visitor clicks on the link and begins exploring your document, you will receive a notification email 3 minutes later with a sneak peek of their visit stats.

This notification is meant to be a preview into your visitor's actions within the first 3 minutes of initiating their visit. The amount of time they've spent is a good indication of whether or not they're really engaged and if you should click through to see their detailed page-by-page analytics.

You may notice that occasionally the "Time Spent" in the notification email appears to be less than the visit time listed in your dashboard.

This may happen when a person leaves your document within the first 3 minutes of initiating their visit, and then returns more than 3 minutes later, but less than 10 minutes after their visit begins. DocSend will aggregate all activity from a visitor that occurs within a 10 minute time frame and count that as a single visit.

However, any activity that occurs outside the 10 minute window will appear as a separate visit in your dashboard.

For example: a visitor may view your document for 2 minutes, and then move on to another task. 5 minutes later, they may return to your document and view it for 1 more minute. In this case, you would receive a notification email that lists their time spent as 2 minutes (because the notification email is sent 3 minutes after the start of their visit), but see in your dashboard their total visit time as 3 minutes.   


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