How can my coworker(s) also get notified when I get a new visit?


If you'd like multiple email addresses to be notified when you get new document visits you can use our IFTTT or Zapier integrations. You can think of both services like internet glue: they connect different internet services. With these two integrations you can set up workflows so that when you get a new DocSend visit, a new email is sent to a specific person or set of people. You can even do things like get a push notification or SMS and even filter by visits where the visitor reads 100% of your document.

Some examples from Zapier: 

Some examples from IFTTT:

IFTTT Recipe: Send an email when you get a new document visit connects docsend to gmail

IFTTT Recipe: Email me when I get a new visit to a specific document connects docsend to email

There's much more you can do with both IFTTT and Zapier, so we encourage you to check out all the integration possibilities at DocSend's integration pages on IFTTT and Zapier!

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