Adding a Video to your Document

Adding a video to your document is now easier than ever with DocSend. Whenever you include a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video, we automatically open that video in a modal player right within your document for a natural viewing experience that keeps your visitors engaged. Best of all, you'll know whether or not your visitors watched your video and for how long! 

Click the link in this sample doc to see it in action.

In the example above, we have pointed our viewers to the video by using an image of the video player as a hyperlink. Check out how to do that in this help center article.

Note: Make sure to unlist your video on YouTube or Vimeo if you don't want anyone other than your DocSend visitors viewing it. 

You can change your privacy settings on YouTube by following the steps here, and on Vimeo by following the steps listed here

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