Viewing Links and Visits of Team Members


On DocSend's Personal plan, being on the same team allows only for the shared access to documents. So, you can't see another team member's links and visits. They are intended to be private.

DocSend Team and Enterprise plans include Manager Insights which — aside from a number of other benefits — includes full visibility to see another team member's links, visits, and even document utilization.

Manager Insights also introduces two new roles to your DocSend team: the Team Owner and Team Managers. A team can have multiple Team Managers. In fact, everyone except for the Team Owner could be a Team Manager!

Full visibility across team member activities, including links and visits, is afforded to anyone that is either an Owner or a Manager of their DocSend team.

After clicking Team from the left menu, click on a team member's name to view their stats:


Managers have visibility into other Managers' document links and visits, as long as they are for a document that is in a shared team folder. A Manager's personal documents, links, and visits will remain private and cannot be seen by any other team member, including other Managers and the Team Owner.



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