Creating links with the DocSend Gmail Plugin for Chrome

The DocSend Chrome extension puts DocSend right inside your browser. And if you use Gmail for email, it also puts DocSend right inside your email compose window. You can create links on the fly using the extension. Here's how it works:

With the Gmail plugin for Chrome, we will auto-populate the subdomain of your recipient's email address into the Account name field. The best practice is to make sure your Account names are consistent, so we can tie back separate link activity to your target Accounts in DocSend. 

The link settings tie back closely to the link creation settings in the DocSend UIIf you'd like anyone after your first viewer to be asked for their email address in order to view your document, go ahead and check Require email to view. By requiring an email to view, your first viewer will not be prompted for their email address - since we know through Gmail who we are sending to. If you do not require an email, we'll still give you other relevant information on your visitor including viewing stats, operating system and location.

In the same fashion as the link settings work on, you are able to allow or disallow certain settings if relevant. 

Remember if you are an Enterprise team member, make sure to Sync with Salesforce! After you select this options once, it will be remembered going forward.




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