How are users billed?

Who can see the billing page?
Only an owner of an account has access to see your DocSend billing page. 

Am I charged immediately when I add someone to my team?
No, new users will have a 
7-day grace period before being billed. The owner of the account will always be notified, allowing them to remove the user if needed.

What if my team member joins at a different date?
New users will be prorated in the current billing cycle.

What if I remove someone from my team? Will I be refunded?
Yes, deactivated users will be prorated for the time left on the current billing cycle, and you will receive an automatic credit back to your account.

If you’d like to know how you can manage your users, please check out our help center article on How to add, suspend, and deactivate users and Team Roles.

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