Document Upload Limits

How many documents can I have in my account?

If you're on the free trial of DocSend, you can only have up to 5 documents in your account at any time, including shared docs in Team Folders as well as updated docs. All paid plans, however, allow you to upload as many documents as you'd like! You can see more details about our plans on the pricing page.

How many pages can I have in a document?

Both the Personal and Team plans have a limit of 100 pages per document. Enterprise users, however, are not affected by this cap and can upload more than 100 pages per document.

What is the upload size limit for a document?

All plans currently have a file size limit of 100MB. If your file is over 100MB, try using a tool such as Smallpdf to compress the file into something smaller. There are other internet tools out there as well.

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