Using Campaign Links with SalesLoft


Campaign links allow you to scale email outreach and track engagement with content you share in email sequences down to the target account and contact level.

To get started with Campaign Links for SalesLoft, you’ll need to install the DocSend Chrome extension and be on DocSend's Enterprise plan.

Once installed, open the DocSend Chrome extension while in a SalesLoft campaign template (note: when in SalesLoft with the Chrome extension open, you will only be able to create Campaign Links. If you'd like to create regular DocSend links, just navigate away from the SalesLoft website).

Begin by selecting a Team document from the dropdown box in the extension (note: if you don't select a document from Team Folders, the Campaign Link will not function correctly. After creating the link, use the “Insert link” option to put it into your email template - make sure you use the “Insert link” option instead of pasting it into the body, since SalesLoft doesn’t encode links that aren’t explicitly inserted as such.


Once a visitor clicks on the Campaign Link, you'll be able to track engagement via the DocSend dashboard. You can find your Campaign Links under the "Campaign Links" Tab on a document's page, where you can turn links on or off as well as edit their settings. 


If you copy or use a Campaign Link created by another user, your link will be treated as a "Spawn Link." This means your link will be live and be tracked independently of the original Campaign Link in terms of engagement and visits.

Some things to watch out for:

If the sender's email isn’t set, or if the sender isn’t on the Campaign Link creator’s DocSend account, the Spawn Link will get created in the Campaign Link creator’s DocSend account, and the creator will get all of the visit activity and notifications.

- If the account isn’t identified, DocSend will create a Spawn Link in the sender’s dashboard that isn’t tied to an account. The Spawn Link name will match the Master Campaign Link’s name. The visitor will be identified by their email address.


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