Managing Access to Team Folders


Admins and Owners can manage access to their Team Folders. Access to a Team Folder can be set at four levels:

- No Access

  • Users can’t see the folder or its content.

- View and Share Only

  • Users can view the folder, as well as create, share, and Live Present links. Downloading content and exporting visit data is also allowed.

- Can Edit and Share

  • In addition to View and Share Only access, users can add, remove, and edit content.

- Owner Privileges

  • Users have full control over the folder, with the ability to grant and revoke access to other teams.


To manage access to a Team Folder, click on “Content” from the left menu. Next, hover over a Team Folder and click the Screen_Shot_2017-11-21_at_3.52.22_PM.png icon to the right of the folder’s name. Select “Manage access”.


Clicking on “Manage access” will allow you to set the access level for all teams on the account. Note: The default access level for your Teams is "No access”.


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