What can I do with Sub-teams?


With Sub-teams, Enterprise Admins and Owners can organize users into teams and assign visibility and permission rules to those teams. This means an Admin or Owner can set a specific folder(s) to only be visible and accessible to a select group of users.


For example, if you want to separate your sales documents from your Customer Success team, you could create a folder owned by Marketing and then share it with your Account Executive and Business Development Rep teams! Because Marketing owns the folder, Marketing will be the only team with the ability to add/edit the shared folder. The AE and BDR teams will only be able to create links from those documents in the folder.

Sub-teams is also good for separating sensitive documents from your entire team. These documents can be stored in a shared folder only visible to certain team members!

Depending on how you'd like to organize your documents, Sub-teams will allow you to customize and share the most relevant content in your Team Folders.

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